Blast Chillers and Freezers

Current food legislation requires that all food must be cooled as quickly as possible. Whenever food is chilled or frozen, it must be in the 'Danger Zone' between +5°C and +68°C, where bacteria multiply fastest and so need to inhibit bacterial growth for as little time as possible. To achieve this, a specially designed Blast Chiller or Blast Freezer for hard freezing pulling product core temperature upto -18°C is required- mere standard refrigeration equipment just isn’t capable.

    Blast chilling and freezing are used in the Frozen Food Industry.
  • Prepared food : “Heat and serve” frozen food, T.V. dinner
  • Frozen food : vegetables, seafood, meat, fruits, etc for super market
  • Frozen bakery products and partially baked pastry

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-20°C Deep Freezers /-30°C Plasma Freezers

Deep freezers are equipments that are used to store and preserve food for a longer period of time i.e. essential for industrial purposes as well as for household chores. These are even used in restaurants and super markets. However, the temperature range of household deep freezers is between 0°C and -10°C where as, freezers that are used in storing plasma can range around -30°C to -86°C or less depending upon storage time.
Besides for blood storage, they are used to store and preserve medicines and moreover prevent medicines from getting spoilt. Medical refrigeration is also used to preserve stem cells of newly born baby for many years that can be later on used to cure or prevent diseases in that particular person. The life of vaccines is extended, when they are kept for medical refrigeration.

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2°C to 8°C Cooling Chambers/Blood Bank Refrigerators

Walk-In Cooling Chambers/Cold Rooms

  • 2°C to 8°C Cooled incubators are found in microbiology labs, environmental research, food stuff examinations, Pharmacy and also in tests for industrial manufacture.
  • The Blood Bank Refrigerator is specialized refrigerating equipment for the blood (whole blood) storage application, which is used in medical industry as well as cold storage of pharmaceuticals, biological products, vaccine and so on. It is suitable for hospitals, blood banks, and sanitation and anti-epidemic stations.
  • A cold room is a walk-in storage facility. Safe operation of cold rooms in restaurants, hotel, food shops and supermarkets is crucial for preserving the quality of the stored foods. The application of cold rooms are numerous, including packaging of foods and beverages, short and long term food storage as well as freezing. For each application you need a customized solution to meet the exact demands for refrigeration.
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Freeze- thaw chamber wherein there is temperature change in cyclic manner from -40°C to higher side say 85°C deg such chambers are used for providing thermal shocks. Freeze-thaw studies, pharmaceutical drug studies, concrete and asphalt testing, coating and adhesive testing, outdoor weathering tests, stress testing and more are applications.

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Product Line


  • Hot Air Ovens
  • Incubators/Warm Chambers

  • ICH Stability for Pharma / Humidity Chambers

  • Blast Freezers
  • Deep Freezers
  • Freeze-Thaw/Thermal shock Chambers
  • Cold Rooms/Cooling Chambers
  • Refrigerated and Heated Circulator Baths

  • Data Loggers
  • PC-Based Data Acquisition (Customised-DAQ)
  • DAQTOOL™- 21 CFR Part 11 validation ready DAQ software for the life science industry.